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Regular Floral Deliveries
  • Regular Floral Deliveries

    you're so lucky living in Brodsky buildings; we have negotiated with Agnes de Villarson a discounted flower subscription: flowers delivered to your building on a regular basis, yippee!


    Flowers wrapped, without a vase.

    Catch of the day at the market, we do the selection with the freshest seasonal blooms, it's the surprise of the week and the pleasure of the eyes!

    • Notes

      To avoid delivery errors, please let us know when you are traveling so we can suspend your subscription adequately. Please be mindful that sourcing the freshest blooms is always a priority for us; therefore we appreciate you letting us know if you need an interuption in advance.

    PriceFrom $54.00
    Sales Tax Included
    Price Options
    Weekly Deliveries
    Subscribe & save 10%
    $54.00every week until canceled
    Bi-Weekly Deliveries
    $54.00every 2 weeks until canceled
    Monthly Deliveries
    $54.00every month until canceled
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